Friday, January 17, 2014

Bird week

We have enjoyed the sun this week but it is still cold. We have had lots of bird visitors lately. We are thinking our hawk pair are back and trying to build a nest in a tree in front of the house and the busy side of our house. I will keep checking it over the next few weeks. I'm hoping they are. Our neighbors cut the tree they used to nest in on our property line several years ago so they had moved somewhere else. They really help to keep the rabbits, squirrels and deer mice out of our garden. Our birds that visit our feeder doesn't like it but they will be ok. Here is a shot of the nest.
This first bird is a cedar wax wing and he usually has a top knot but he wouldn't pull it up for the camera.
This next one is a black cap chickadee.
I'm thinking this next one is a chickadee as well but his head markings were different.
We usually have lots of golden finches and they are mean little suckers. I only caught one on film today but I did see my first purple finch. They usually show up later in the spring so was surprised to see the purple finch this early.
We have more redbirds this year than last. It is good to see them back as there were so few last year. The shot I took of the male bird was blurry so will put up another shot of him later.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cold week!!!

We have had a really cold couple of weeks. Below freezing for several days and lots of ice. I didn't get out any during that time except to step out on the porch. I can't take the chance of falling. But was told that the Caddo River which is about a half mile from us froze completely over. I've only seen it do that once in my life time. So wanted to share a few photos. I will be starting a new rug hooking tutorial soon as I can decide what design I want to draw. In the meantime enjoy the winter photos.
This was a gorgeous sunset. We live on the side of a hill so this is shot up to the top of the hill.
One of our blueberry bushes covered in ice.
A tree down by the garden.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday break and random shots

I took a much needed break from crafting and all for the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas was very quiet but we were much busier the week after. Had a visit with my sister and BIL on Friday after Christmas.
We just met at their house and ate lunch together. Then we drove down to visit hubby's sister and spent the night. The dogs had a good time playing together.
Then after a busy week of errands and cleaning house we had 2 of the sons and their families out to eat lunch on Friday after New years. This is youngest son and family.
This is our middle son and family.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Before Christmas

Just staying busy before Christmas. Got the results back from the MRI and surgery is out of the won't help so have appointment scheduled January 22 for a pain management clinic and probably pain blocker injections in the back. I'm to keep walking as much as possible so doing that every day. Hubby and I got our Christmas gifts. He got this:
It is a heavy duty meat slicer. Our old one was about shot and was so needed. Then I got this:
It is one of those back massagers. It has helped my back so much already.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Several Life Happenings

We had an ice storm to blow through and my back chose that time to act up.
Well the back was hurting so bad that I resorted to calling the local clinic and getting in. They took x-ray and then scheduled an MRI.
After having the MRI I had to go back to the clinic for a consultation. Well it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I'm shrinking. My pads between by spine are shrinking and therefore my body is compensating by building more and stronger tendons. This in turn pulls at the bone and causes bone spurs which in turn pinch at the nerves. Was told that surgery is not an option at this stage. I do not want surgery anyway. I'm already the bionic woman with 2 knees and a hip replacements. So now the main thing is to walk with hand weights for exercise and going to be going to a pain management clinic soon. I've been told they can put pain blocking injections in the back. I was prescribed 2 muscle relaxers and sure enough my body reacts weird with both. They both wire me instead of making me sleepy so I'm not sleeping well at night. Also hubby had decided when the ice storm hit to add our feather bed mattress to our bed. Not a good idea as my pains got worse. So have not put it back in the RV which is what we bought it for anyway. In the meantime I ordered my Bigelow teas. I always order 3 cases (6boxes each) of the seasonal teas. Here are the varieties I get:
They are terrific seasonal teas and 3 cases will last me a year. And did you know that Bigelow tea is the only company that still has a tea plantation in the USA. It is an island part of South Carolina. Love love love their teas. I also had one of my art guild parties. I took a box filled with Christmas mugs, Land O'Lake cocoas, teas, star mints, 2 half pints of homemade jam (cherry & apple) and 2 handmade rug hooked coasters. We did a Chinese Christmas exchange and mine went round and round and finally one of my old teacher friends wound up with it.
I got a set of Gauche water colors and watercolor paper. I've never tried watercolor so guess it will be something new to try after Christmas. Here are the coasters:
I also made some felted wool ornament tags:
Now I'm working on some cross stitch pieces. Something to keep my hands busy in this winter weather.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happenings around gnome city

It has been a long couple of weeks. Did take down the autumn owl tree and have not put up the table top tree for Christmas yet. I did get the spoon trees made and took the daughter-in-love hers. I haven't finished decorating mine yet. But here is the picture of the one for the DIL.
I also got my gnome wreath on the door.
Got my tiny gnome out to do "elf on the shelf" but have not felt up to it with this back out of whack.
Hubby finished the bedroom suite for the grandson. The DIL will finish it out and add the hardware.
Tutorial will come later when the internet works better. Have had trouble with it as well as my back.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rug Hooking tutorial

Once I get through Thanksgiving I will put up a new version of a rug hooking tutorial. So stay tuned for some fun crafting coming up.

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